Not too long ago, it was enough to be the sensible alternative. Branding and marketing were straightforward. Natural paper textures, a green leaf, a little bee flying around, a bit of hand-lettering and you were set. It helped guide educated consumers to identify you.
Not anymore.
Today, everybody's talking about sustainability. Being green has become a profitable business. More and more disruptive startups are challenging the status quo and want to bring about change. Plus, you've got all the big corporations that want to play along, such as P&G, Coca-Cola, Burger King and BMW.
This development is fabulous to see. Consumers, as well as brands, are becoming more conscious and educated. Sure, there are always those that will exploit the murky situation with questionable products and services. And the slew of labels, seals and icons make it increasingly difficult for consumers to choose.
That's why it is more important than ever before for a business with a purpose to have world-class branding and marketing. Look at Oatly, Patagonia or Terrorists Of Beauty, a soap brand from Hamburg.
What they have in common? They don't look like you'd expect. No green colour, no paper texture, no bees. Yet, they all want to fundamentally change how we consume and act.
Oatly sets itself apart with wonderfully designed packaging and witty copywriting. Patagonia does it by real action, supporting organisations all over the world and continuously improving. And Terrorists Of Beauty? They want to radically change the beauty industry and use minimalistic design paired with bold colours in industrial settings.
Yes, it has become even more challenging to be a sustainable, ethical brand. But the increased competition liberates you from having to do what every other sustainable brand has done in the past.
That means both the way you act as well as the way you look. After all, you don't need to look and feel like a sustainable brand to be a sustainable brand.
Your story is what sets your business apart. It's the starting point for great design & storytelling. Use it to create a strong brand.