What makes brand design great?

Simply put, it’s about effectively delivering your brand story.

Design is a tool that helps you do that. And it has the potential to change the way people connect with your business.

This can happen in three ways.


How do you stand out in a crowded market? Here, your brand identity can have a huge impact. Learn from the conventions in your segment. See what works and what rules can be broken. Creating a consistent look & feel is the key to success, whether you want your product to stand out on a shelf or your social media content to be engaging.


People are more willing to engage with you and likely join your community if you properly convey who you are. Why? Because people want to belong to tribes that are like them. It’s the reason why people sleep in front of Apple stores for the launch of a new iPhone.


Your brand is reflected in everything you do. As a result, you must provide a constant, coherent identity if you want to generate a consistent brand experience. A solid identity is the key to boosting your brand experience, from your website to social media to advertising.

Your design also needs to fit the environment it finds itself in. Modern brand design is dynamic and versatile. Don’t mistake consistency with sameness.

Those that struggle to be consistent are unsure of who they are or fail to communicate it clearly.

Unfortunately, most brands fall into this category.

Crafting a powerful brand identity is essential if you want to be a competitive and successful business in the long term.

Providing a consistent experience helps establish a great brand and creates connections with your consumers. The more you do it, the more people will grow to trust and rely on you.

It’s that trust that brings us back to our favourite brands.

Over and over.

We love the familiar. It’s the joy that comes from unboxing a new iPhone, wearing your favourite pair of Levi’s or the comfort of having your coffee with a dash of Oatly.

We all return to a place of trust.