I like to listen to music when I work.

It has a lot to do with getting into the flow of things, essentially setting the rhythm for what I'm doing.

It helps me when I develop brand strategies. It helps when I create and write concepts. And it helps when I design — a logo for example.

And apparently, there’s scientific proof that supports this. According to a study by Simone Ritter and Sam Ferguson, happy music facilitates divergent thinking. Happy music.

Sure, that makes sense. Good mood music will make you look at things more positively. That in turn, encourages creative thinking and exploration. Often, the type of music I listen to has a positive vibe. It helps me solve a given project more creatively and efficiently.

Beyond that, I also strongly believe in using music as a soundtrack for the project you’re working on — just like a movie or a series. Meaning I use music that helps me get into the mindset of who my target audience is.

For example, I might listen to something light, positive and playful when working on a healthy food start-up.

Maybe I’m writing a film concept that is filled with action. Then I might choose something with drive, something dramatic maybe. Or go in the opposite direction and choose a classical piece.

Something soothing might go well when developing a concept for an online yoga studio. Maybe it’s something more emotional, maybe something sad. Or something orchestral when you want people to take action.

Whatever it may be, the key is understanding whom you’re talking to and picking a soundtrack that you feel fits the project. And you just may realise, that music is indeed the answer.