You looked at how things were done and thought:

There must be a better way.

Then you put the work in and developed a product or service that not only is fantastic but one that can bring about real change.
Maybe it's social. Or sustainable. Or technological.

Whatever the case, you’ve put a lot of effort into it. It challenges the status quo.
All you need to do now is build your brand and introduce itto the world. Here are a few things that’ll help you along the way.

Be clear on why you do what you do. 

Clarity on your why is essential. It is the foundation of everything you do.
Formulate it into a central statement that lets customers know how you help make the world better. Oatly uses:

It's like milk but made for humans.

It explains what they do.
It implies how they want to bring about change.
It questions the status quo.
It's quirky and witty.

Have a why. A claim.
An onlyness statement.
Whatever you want to call it.

But make it clear.
Easy to understand.
And memorable.

It'll be the basis of your brand.

Avoid cliches.

It's an easy trap to fall into.
Don’t follow the conventions of your industry.
Most of it is safe and bland.

Ecological and green brands often do this.
A green leaf. Brown paper texture. Handwritten font. Done.

Sure. It's less risky.
But for consumers, you'll disappear in a sea of sameness.

Change doesn't come from being the same.

You’ve put in the effort of developing something special.
Your brand identity, corporate design and marketing should reflect that.

That doesn’t meanyou can’t learn from others.
See what works. And what doesn’t.

But be different.
Do you.

Lift the curtain.

Show your customers what you do.
And how you do it.

Yes, it's that simple.
Well, almost.

It still has to be engaging.
Witty. Maybe even a little fun.

Show your production.
The behind-the-scenes.
The making of.

Show people that you've got nothing to hide and let customersbe part of your brand.

Be open.
Be transparent.

It will make your brand real.
And honest.
And believable.

Slay the beast.

When you developed your product you wanted to be better.
Better than what is currently on the market.
And that what is, is the beast you need to slay.

Sounds very dramatic.
You don't need to physically fight your evil competitor.

But perhaps you're taking on a whole market, an entire industry.
The outdoor equipment industry, like Patagonia.
Or the milk industry, like Oatly.
Or petrol cars, like Tesla.

You too are challenging the status quo.

Call out the beast that is threatening us, our planet and society.
Let people know thatyou’re in this for real.
That you have a strong belief.

It’s why eating Ben & Jerry’s not only satisfies your ice cream cravings – it’s a political statement.
For equality. For justice. And for democracy.

Fight the good fight.
And people willfight alongside you.

Be bold.

Your product is a challenger in the market.
Why shouldn’t your brand & your marketing reflect that?

Be bold, brave and different.
Be creative.

Use social media in unique ways.
Have your website look different from others.
As a matter of fact, have your whole brand look different.
And your advertising too.

You might face critique and doubt.
From others. From yourself.

Don’t let that deter you. It doesn’t deter Oatly. Or Patagonia. Or Ben & Jerry’s. Or Tesla.

Take strength from your belief that you'll help make the world a better place.